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International System of Units - Vocabulary - Tables of data, formulae, graphs and charts

Guide for the Use of the International System of Units

IEC 60050 - International Electrotechnical Vocabulary - Welcome

Welcome to Kaye and Laby Online


Program Freeware - Network Protocol Analyzer - Network Protocol Analyzer - SharkFest™ Europe - Tera Term Serial Terminal Program -  WS_FTP LE is the ideal file transfer solution for personal use - Audacity for recording and editing sounds - EXPRESS PCB CAD Software - EAGLE PCB CAD Software - KiCad EDA PCB CAD Software - EasyEDA - Online PCB design & circuit simulator - EasyEDATutorial - Software for Numerical Computation - PC into a dual-trace storage oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer - Software package for the amateurradio operator - WinMerge kan jämföra både kataloger och filer, presentera skillnader i ett visuellt textformat - Capture the screen easily - Tools and Basic Information for Design, Engineering and Construction of Technical Applications. - RF, Wireless and Spread Spectrom web site with Smith Chart program - FLUKE IP Inspector Utility Download - DL4YHF's Audio Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Lab - Find, Create, and Publish Open Source software for free - The Smarter and Faster Way to Code - FreeMat is a free enviroment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing.

It is similar to comercial systems such as MatLab and IDL, but is Open Source. - Free Web Design Software and FTP programs - Linear Technology - Design Simulation and Device Models -  Free Hex Editor Binary File Editing Software for Windows - Qucs project: Quite Universal Circuit Simulator - Utilities Downloads - - VideoLAN - VLC: Officiell webbplats - Fri multimedialösning för alla operativsystem - Linux Mint 18 - Linux, Open Source and Ham Radio - free download suggestions - DF6JB's Plotter is a utility to graphically display and edit numerical data.

Above of that it compute self- and cross correlations of data series and statistical measures like the Allan Deviation and more


Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope - Full Review of the Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope - YouTube - EEVblog #1 - Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope Review - YouTube -Introductory training lesson for the Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope - DS1052E to DS1102E - EEVblog #451 - Rigol DS1052E vs DS2072 Oscilloscope - YouTube - EEVblog #279 - How NOT To Blow Up Your Oscilloscope! - YouTube - EEVblog #453 - Mysteries of x1 Oscilloscope Probes Revealed - YouTube


Rigol DS815-TG Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator - EEVblog #391 - Rigol DSA815 Spectrum Analyser Teardown - YouTube

Rigol DSA-815 Spectrum Analyzer - Product Overview - YouTube

DSA-815 Introductory Video Part 1 - YouTube

DSA-815 Introductory Video Part 2 - YouTube

DSA815 TG Basic Spectrum Analysis - YouTube

DSA815 TG Basic Tracking Generator - YouTube

Rigol DS1052E #1 Intro w- Remote Control - YouTube

DSA815 TG Xtal Filter, Low Pass Filter, Marker Table - YouTube - DSA815-TG Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator used from 1-500 MHz, a brief discussion of Leakage issues above 500 MHz, Sweeping a Crystal Filter and a commercial grade Low Pass Filter. Also show how to turn on and place a Display Line, a Marker Table, and how to save a Screen Shot to a file (bmp, jpg) on a USB Flash Drive.

Basics of Resolution Bandwidth and Video Bandwidth in a Spectrum Analyzer (RBW VBW) - YouTube

Basics of Zero-Span operation of a Spectrum Analyzer - YouTube

Basic Spectrum Analyzer Do's and Dont's ... - YouTube

Antenna Switch Loss & Isolation Evaluation - YouTube

Sweeping Antennas for Return Loss (initial) - YouTube

G5RV jr Mod for 75m Operation - YouTube

Basic RF Attenuators - Design, Construction, Testing - PI and T style - A Tutorial - YouTube

Basic Spectrum Analyzer Do's and Dont's ... - YouTube - Good Basic Start how operate a Spectrum Analyzer

What is a dB, dBm, dBu, dBc, etc. on a Spectrum Analyzer? - YouTube


ICOM IC-7400 / 746 Troubleshoot  Repair

Troubleshoot and Repair an ICOM IC-746 - YouTube - I repaired my IC-7400 antenna tuner motor with help from this video


To insure that IC151 not fail from ESD or heat - Solder one capacitor 10 - 20 uF parallel with C156 and place heatsink over IC151. The

heatsink can be fix to chassi with epoxy.


To insure no problem with DRV Board Q1/Q2 (ALC Jumping) - Place one heatsink over Q1 and onother over Q2. Respective

heatsink can be fix with existing screw.


Modifications MFJ-949E

MFJ-949E Modification 1.pdf - Voltage balun replaced with a improvd current balun

MFJ-949E Modification 2.pdf - Orginal 4:1 voltage balun plus a 1:1 current balun

Balanced 450 ohm Guanella 9to1 Current Balun to Unbalanced 50 ohm 1to1 Current Balun.pdf - Before MFJ-949E


Applets - Fungerar som ett komplett virtuellt elektroniklabb, bygg egna scheman och testa direkt i webbläsaren - Transmission line calculator, Version 0.3, Kevin Schmidt, W9CF - Interactive LC Filter Design - Ring Core Calculator - dB-Calculation - PCB Trace Impedance Calculator - Calculator - RF Calculation tools - RF Calculators tools - Amidon Toroid Calculator (Ferrite & Iron Powder) - Smith-Chart - Antenna Loading Coil Calculation - Design LC Filters - Fixed attenuators - Inductance Impedance Calculators - Microwave Calculators - NETCALC2 an RF Calculator - PCB Mönsterkortskalkylator - RF Cafe - Calculator Spreadsheets - RF Inductance Calculator - - T-Network Tuner Simulation - VSWR, reflection coefficient and return loss, with complex impedance - VSWR, reflection coefficient and return loss, with complex impedance - VSWR Calculator - Your Wireless Source RF Calculators - Random Science Tools and Calculators - Electrical Engineering Tools EEWeb Interactive Software for Education - Le Leivre RF Tools - Transmission lines calculators, microstrip lines, Virtual Time-Domain Reflectometry measurements - RF Calculation tools - Audio calculations of calculator - RF Calculation tools - Impedance Calculators - Mantaro Product Development Services - WolframAlpha Computational Knowledge Engine - Interactive calculators for electronics constructors - Online Reference & Tools - Theme page Calculators, Software - Calculators - Amateur-radio-wiki -  Steve Hageman's Electronic Design Resource - Fourier Series Tutorial


Tutorials and Guides

Op Amps For Everyone SLOD006B.pdf - Texas Instrument OP Amps For Everyone Design Guide

A Differential Op-Amp Circuit Collection SLOA064.pdf - Texas Instrument A Differential Op-Amp Circuit Collection
A Single-Supply Op-Amp Circuit Collection SLOA058.pdf - Texas Instrument A Single Supply OP Amps Circuit Collektion

Handbook of Operational Amplifier SBOA092A.pdf - Texas Instrument Handbook of Operational Amplifier

Working With Op-Amps Ray Marston.pdf

Basic Linear Design.pdf - Analog Devices

Basic Electronics Tutorials and Revision.pdf -

K7QO Home Page of Chuck Adams - With K7QO QRP Lab Notebook.pdf

Radiation Pattern part 1.pdf and Radiation Pattern part 2.pdf

Manual EPROM Programmer.pdf - Low-cost EPROM programmer with manual data and address operating

Logic Design 1 - 12.pdf

Schmitt Trigger.pdf

Analog Devices- Analog Dialogue- Ask The Applications Engineer 1-23.pdf

Analog Devices- Analog Dialogue- Ask The Applications Engineer 24-40.pdf

Line Selection Impedance Diagram.pdf - Is an illustration of both open and shorted line showing: Impedance, VSWR and Equivalent Circuit

Understanding the CAT Ratings on a Voltmeter.pdf - Categories are defined by probability of over-voltage, the higher the over-voltage, the higher the category. - A Practical Seminar for Understanding and Working with Jitter

Lightning Protection for Ham Shack.pdf - Lightning Protection for Ham Shack

Noise Figure vs Temperature.pdf - Good to have

TTL Cookbook - TTL Cookbook old but still good

Virtual Ground Circuits.pdf - Enkelt spänningsmatning få dubbel spänningsmatning

A Designers Guide to Signature Analysis.pdf - HP Hawlett Packard

Practical Strain Gage Measurements.pdf - HP Hawlett Packard

Practical Temperature Measurements.pdf - HP Hawlett Packard

Theory and Applications of Wave Analyzers.pdf -HP Hawlett Packard

True RMS Measurements.pdf -HP Hawlett Packard

Help with Electronic Design for the Hobbyist W0QE.pdf

How signal levels relate to receiver performance and real-world conditions.pdf

Prototyping - How construct prototype circuits

Popcorn QRP - How construct prototype circuits and bench experiments -

Bob's TechTalk Column Index

A guide to building your own amateur radio station

How To Recycle Magnet Wire From A Transformer - YouTube

Wieless Engineers Bench Buddy.pdf

Basic Equipment for Servicing.pdf

Super-Heterodyne Signal Analyzers Description and Applications.pdf - National Instruments

The Handyman's Guide to Manhattan Style.pdf

The Handyman's Guide to Osciloscope.pdf

Coaxial Cable Connector Preparation.pdf


THD Distortion of Signals.pdf

What is SINAD.pdf - SINAD provides a quantitative measurement of the quality of an audio signal from a communication device


RF & Microwave References.pdf -

Cascaded Noise Figures Tables.pdf -

Cascaded Input Third Order Intercept Points Tables.pdf -

Mismatch Conversions Tables.pdf -

Microstrip Line Impedances Tables.pdf -

Power Conversions Tables.pdf -

COAX Data Chart.pdf -

Frequency Resonance Bandwidth Q factor.pdf -

EDN Transmission Lines.pdf - As edge speeds increase, wires become transmission lines  /Archives/HFE PDF Archive/ - Ask the Experts and Designs Notes

RF Circuit Design References.pdf -

Video on Understanding Transmission Lines - MP4-file from W0QE

VSWR vs RL vs RC.pdf - Simple thing that is tortuous

Chart - dBm - W - V (50ohm) - dBuV (50ohm) - S meter.pdf - Bra att ha tillhands skriv ut och ha vid labbbänken

dBm - volts - watts conversion.pdf - Bra att ha tillhands skriv ut och ha vid labbbänken

Another Look at Reflections.pdf - Operation of rf transmission lines and transmission line theory

Conjugate Match Myths.pdf - Another look on "Another Look at Reflections.pdf" above

Saga of Conjugate Match.pdf - Response to Dean Straw’s “Hams and the Conjugate Match”

Simplified Design of Impedance Matching Networks.pdf


Troubleshoot Electronics FAST with a Super Probe - YouTube - Very Good make one

Active Probe, Schematic Included - YouTube

EMI Solved with Oscilliscope ond Probe.pdf - Using an Oscilloscope and Sniffer Probe to Solve EMI Problems


Small Signal Relay Technical Info.pdf - Small Relay Technical Information

Small Rechargeable Batteries.pdf - Small Rechargeable Batteries


Choosing The Right Solder, Tech Tips Tuesday. - YouTube - Mr Carlson's Lab, how to repair new and old electronics

Super Hot Soldering Gun, Tech Tips Tuesday - YouTube - Mr Carlson's Lab, how to repair new and old electronics

Soldering Tips.pdf

Desolder SMD without special tools - YouTube

Everything you wanted to know about soldering and desoldering but were afraid to ask - YouTube

EIA IEC-EN Surface Mount Code Sizes.pdf

Electrolytic Capacitor Removal NO Desoldering Required - YouTube - Mr Carlson's Lab

EEVblog #542 - ZD985 Desoldering Station - YouTube

EEVblog #180 - Soldering Tutorial Part 1 - Tools - YouTube

EEVblog #183 - Soldering Tutorial Part 2 - YouTube

EEVblog #186 - Soldering Tutorial Part 3 - Surface Mount - YouTube - Lödpistol 100W

EEVblog #542 - ZD985 Desoldering Station - YouTube

#65 Surface Mount: How to start with SMD solder work and short review on Weller WTA-50 - YouTube


Measurements on Power Supply.pdf

Testing a power supply (Part 1) | EDN

Testing a power supply – Noise (Part 2) | EDN

Testing a power supply – Stability (Part 3) | EDN

#99 HAM Tip: How to prevent a power supply killing your radio - YouTube

#257: Power Supply Decoupling & Filtering: why we use multiple caps in different locations - YouTube


Repair Analog Meter Movements.pdf

Analog Meter Anti-Static Procedure.pdf

#235: Basics of Analog Panel Meters | Analog meter movements | D'Arsonval - YouTube

Meters - Att mäta är att veta SM7UCZ - How to make a meter scale


#40 Shop Talk Wafer switch repair - YouTube


New Life for an Old Drill - Don't waste your old drill - Ultrasonisk Rengörare (ultraljudstvätt) för smutsiga och korroderade kontakton och dyligt


Circuit Board Faults hiding in plain sight - YouTube - Old glue conducting problem on PCB buards


Tutorials and Guides Components - Inductor Guide

Inductor Capacitor Color Chart.pdf - - Inductance Calculations - Inductance Calculator

Just a Piece of Wire.pdf - Keep the leads as short as possible - Resistor Guide - The Ultimate Guide to Resistors

Resistor Color Chart.pdf -


The Handyman's Guide to Capacitors.pdf - Capacitor Guide

Order Your Free Copy of the RF Capacitor Handbook - American Technical Ceramics

Circuit Designers Capacitors Notebook American Technical Ceramics Corp

Understanding Capacitors.pdf

Inductor Capacitor Color Chart.pdf -

Which Capacitor Do I Use? Tech Tips Tuesday - YouTube - Great, all what you need to know about capacitor

Impedance, Dissipation Factor and ESR.pdf

Capacitor Dielectrics Losses.pdf

Planet Analog - Articles - Choosing and Using Bypass Capacitors (Part 1 of 3)

#76 Tutorial: Why do electrolytic capacitors fail so often - YouTube

#83 LCR's meter D, Q, Phi, ESR what is it all about demonstrated on DER EE DE-5000 - YouTube

#91 Electrolytic capacitors and it's LEAKAGE current and how to test - YouTube

#100 Capacitor self-resonance measured with an oscilloscope and signal generator - how to tutorial - YouTube

#256 Capacitor types, characteristics, and applications - YouTube

#257: Power Supply Decoupling & Filtering: why we use multiple caps in different locations - YouTube

EEVblog #33 1 of 2 - Capacitor Tutorial (Electrolytic, Tantalum, & Plastic Film) - YouTube

EEVblog #33 2 of 2 - Capacitor Tutorial (Ceramics and impedance) - YouTube

EEVblog #365 - ESR Meter Bad Cap Monitor Repair - YouTube

EEVblog #594 - How To Measure Power Supply Ripple & Noise - YouTube

EEVblog #859 - Bypass Capacitor Tutorial - YouTube

EEVblog #742 - Why Electrolytic Capacitors Are Connected In Parallel - YouTube

EEVblog #486 - Does Current Flow Through A Capacitor - YouTube

EEVblog #742 - Why Electrolytic Capacitors Are Connected In Parallel - YouTube


Diodes evaluation a simple practical approach by SV3ORA.pdf

The ubiquitous diode 2.pdf - Cant find part 1

Halvledarkomponenter av Per Olof Leine och Gunnar Markesjo.pdf - Vad du behöver veta om Transistorer

JFET The New Frontier.pdf

FET Principles and Circuits.pdf

The Handyman's Guide to MOSFET.pdf

The Handyman's Guide to Transistors.pdf

Testing Transistors.pdf -

Transistors as Amplifiers.pdf - - Transistor Identification and Testing made easy - Bob's TechTalk Column Index

Transistor 2SKxxx and ekvivalent.pdf -

#219: Back to Basics: Introduction to Field Effect Transistors JFET MOSFET - YouTube

#131: How to test transistors - NPN and PNP bipolar junction transistors, BJTs - YouTube


Don't have any type of battery installed when the M328 is connected to any type of power source, the battery can overheat and explode.

Manual M328 version ESR inductance capacitance meter multifunctional tester DIY.pdf - China component tester

Capacitor voltage loss Vloss.pdf - China M328 version ESR inductance capacitance meter multifunctional tester DIY

eBay MG328 ESR Meter Big 12864 LCD Inductor Capacitor Tester Diode Triode mos PNP NPN

eBay Large screen M8 transistor tester upgrade M328 version ESR inductance capacitance meter multifunctional tester DIY-in Integr


RF Transformer TLT Balun

RF Transformer TLT, Balun, Inductor and RFC.pdf - DataRäven Elektroteknik Sammanställning av ämnet RF Transformer TLT Balun ver 1.3

Fair-Rite Products Corp - Material Data Sheets

Fair-Rite Products Corp - 61 Material Data Sheet

FT140-61 LC-resonans och TLT.pdf - FT140-61 1.pdf - FT140-61 2.pdf - DataRäven Elektroteknik Experiment på Ferrite FT140-61

FT140-61 Balun.pdf - DataRäven Elektroteknik Experiment på Ferrite FT140-61 - RF Toroids (Ferrite & Iron Powder)

Use of Ferrite in Broadband Transformers.pdf - Fair-Rite Products - Mini-Cicuits RF Transformers

A Simplified Analysis of the Broadband Transmission Line Transformer - Jarry Sevick

Transmission Line Transformers: Theory, Design and Applications - Part 1 - Chris Trask
Transmission Line Transformers: Theory, Design and Applications - Part 2 - Chris Trask

A Tutorial on Transmission Line Transformers - Earthlink

Wideband Transformer Models: Measurement ... - Earthlink

Transmission Line Transformer Handbook - Introni - Jarry Sevick

Constructions and Use of Broadband Transformers.pdf

Winding and Using Toroids.pdf

RF Transformer Design.pdf

Constructions and Use of Broadband Transformers.pdf

RF and Microwave Transformers Fundamentals Mini-Circuits.pdf

Toroid inductance calculator.xls - Iron and Ferrite Toroid Core Calculator

Toroids - Some of the advantages/disadvantages of toroids are

TOROID  FT and T and BALUN.pdf

Toroid Charts WA8MCQ.pdf

Powercon - Power Considerations Toroid Core

AWG nomenclature.pdf

Common-mode chokes.pdf

Feerite Material FTx-31 to 98 Data Sheets Fair Rite - Fair-Rate

Ferrite Materials.pdf - AMIDON

Inductance-Turn Chart Ferrite Toroids.pdf - AMIDON

Iron Powder Material.pdf - AMIDON

Traditional Broadbands Transformers.pdf - AMIDON

Transformer Design Handbook | Maciej Noras

#100 Balun's magic PART 1 - YouTube - TRXBench

#101 Balun's magic PART 2 - YouTube - TRXBench

#105 Balun's magic PART 3 - YouTube - TRXBench

Ferrite Materials - Fair Rite - Type 31 - 98 with complex permeability vs frequency

VKHam - Ferromagnetic Usage and Advantages Information -


Ferrite Electronics Information - A collection of ferrite toroid related hobby research spin-offs



LC Frequency - Reactance Nomograph.pdf -

LC Resonance Frequency - Reactance Nomograph.pdf -

LC value - Frequency Nomograph.pdf -

The Complete Smith Chart Nomograph.pdf -

Graph Paper -



List of LM-series integrated circuits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of battery sizes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of integrated circuit package dimensions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of integrated circuit packaging types - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of 7400 series integrated circuits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of 4000 series integrated circuits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

DataSheet 74LS GATES AND INVERTERS.pdf - Logic 74HC(T) Data Sheet - Transistors Data Sheet, parameters and characteristics - Electronic Component's Datasheet Search Site - High-speed CMOS HC(T) NXP Semiconductors - Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Devices - IC-ON-LINE --- Datasheet Search And Download Site - Amidon Tech Data Toroids (Ferrite & Iron Powder) - Semiconductor (Transistor, diode, IC) Cross reference

RF Elektronik - Electronics- and radio people want servicemanuals and schematics here is one place



Internet Archive Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine

Radio Book Listing from NJ7P - Vintage info from the age of vacuum tubes - Genrad Historical Application Notes - Genrad Historical Handbooks

Technical books online - from 1930's to 1960's

Technical Subject Bibliographies - Lots of proposals for books


Electronics and Radio Magazine

Directory Listing of /eab1/manual/Magazine/N/


United States Amateur radio magazine that was published from 1960 to 2003

73-magazine 1960 - 2003

73 Magazine Information

73 Magazine Searchable Index - List by Author


Miscellaneous Handbook's from 73-magazine

Coaxial Connector Handbook 73-magazine 1966.pdf

Coaxial Transmission Line Handbook 73-magazine 1966.pdf

Coaxial Accesory Handbook 73-magazine 1966.pdf

Diode Circuits Handbook 73-magazine 1968.pdf


RCA publications - quite a complete set of the RCA publications - Semiconductor Document Library - RCA Ham Tips


Analog Dialogue Web Archives

Analog Dialogue Analog Devices Archives -


The PCBDesign Magazine

PCBDESIGN007 The PCBDesign Magazine


HP MEASURE Magazines


InTech is world's largest multidisciplinary open access publisher of books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine


A free online textbooks covering electricity and electronics

Lessons In Electric Circuits - As but in pdf - Lessons In Industrial Instrumentation c 2008-2016 by Tony R. Kuphaldt


eBooks Free and Easy without registration


Hambrew Magazine was written by George DeGrazio (WF0K)


Popular Electronics Magazine


Nuts & Volts Magazine


Lots of old Electronics Magazine