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Khan Academy Math - YouTube - Very good pedagogy


Scientific Data Analysis.pdf - An introduction to the principles of scientific measurement and error analysis By David W. Knight

The Basics of Statistical Hypothesis Testing.pdf - Those who have taken a first course in statistics might have learned the basics of statistical hypothesis testing

Statistical Confidence Levels for Estimating Error Probability.pdf - Statistical Confidence Levels for Estimating Error Probability

Automated Measurement of the Bit-Error Rate as a Function of Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Microwave Communications Systems.pdf -

Barekna BER i digitala System.pdf -

Calculating the Required Number of Bits in the Function of Confidence Level and Error Probability Estimation.pdf -

Physical Layer Performance Testing the Bit Error Ratio (BER).pdf - - E-SOURCES for Numerical Methods using Matlab - Download free ebooks + no catch + no registration - Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study is a resource for learning and teaching introductory statistics - Kurs i förberedande Matematik vid SU/HiG, kursen är en överbryggning från gymnasiet in i högskolan - Kurslitteratur - Inspelade föreläsningar - Räkneövningar - User friendly lessons in arithmetic, algebra, geometry ..... - An Engineers Quick References Sheets to Mathematics - Gymnasiematematik (matematik A till matematik E) - Matematik minimum - Terminologi - Svenska Matematiklänkar